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Wedding dress shopping - are you excited or anxious?

I know that many younger brides can't wait to search for their "Dream Dress" and will rush out to book as many appointments as they can, eager to try on all those fabulous creations that are online or in glossy magazines. Totally understandable, but perhaps you don't feel like that?

So often, you just don't know where to start....

  • Do you look online to see what's "out there" and get some inspiration?

  • Do you go wedding dress shopping on your own?

  • Do you try to co-ordinate a date with your best friend, bridesmaids, Mum.....

  • What if the styles in the bridal store are only in small sizes?

  • What if your budget isn't enough?

  • What if the bridal shop doesn't have anything in your size?

  • Are you uncomfortable in a open changing room competing with other Brides?

Your wedding dress shopping experience should be both enjoyable and inspiring! Look for those bridal boutiques that offer a personal service with care and consideration - the reviews can tell you a lot about how you will be treated.

Do your research about what wedding dress shops are in your area. See what type of wedding dresses they stock and most important, can you order a dress in your size or is everything to buy now? What designers do they stock - are those dresses your type of style and taste?

Outlets and Pre-loved wedding dress shops that only sell the actual dresses that you see in store, are very popular but you are restricted to "that dress in that size" so your choice is severely limited. Great if you get an absolute bargain, but so often, they're not that cheap! Again, do your research, look at the name of the Designer and style reference and then Google it to see if it's worth the price!

Far better to visit a wedding dress shop that can order any style that you like in your actual size. It might take 12-16 weeks for your dress to be made for you, but how much nicer to be wearing a brand new wedding dress that was made just for you!

If you found this article useful, you can contact me at Rosedene Bridal on 01243 585881

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