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Are you looking to buy a reduced wedding dress in a sale?

Seems a great idea if you love a bargain!! (I know I do!)

But, it's a bit of a jungle out there..... it might seem that you're getting a great reduction on a Designer wedding dress because it's a shop sample or it's been recently discontinued by the manufacturer. If that's the case, and you're buying from a wedding dress shop with a good reputation, you can check on the designer's website and see if that's true.

Many bridal shops genuinely need to move stock on, so it's a fantastic opportunity for you to buy your "dream dress" for less than you thought.

Designer wedding dress on sale

BUT - there are a few things you should be aware of, so that your purchase is exactly what you wanted.

First of all, just because it's reduced, don't be persuaded into buying it by an over enthusiastic salesperson! Of course it's lovely and you're convinced that it's "The One" but is it the right size?

Experienced dressmakers can work wonders but there is a limit as to what is possible!!! The rule of thumb is that good, well made designer's wedding dresses always have good seam allowances so that their creations can be altered.

This means that you can let a dress out by 1 dress size or take it in by up to 2 dress sizes. This is because all wedding dresses will have a bust seam and more than likely, boning, which will prevent further sizing without a remake ...... that means a LOT of money!!

However, this rarely applies to dresses bought online from generic shop sites - the reason that their dresses are cheaper is because they cut corners on seam allowances and more importantly, quality.

BRIDES BEWARE!!!!! please read the above and DO NOT believe anyone who tells you "it's no problem to reduce this size 16 dress down to a size 8" - it's a LIE!!!!

Badly fitting wedding dress

So the moral of this post, is simply to make sure that your "bargain dress" doesn't end up costing double by the time you've had alterations done!

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