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For beautiful Bridesmaids........

If you are concerned that your Bridesmaids are all different ages or sizes - fear not!!  I have been selling Bridesmaids dresses for over 18 years and have dealt with every possible combination of sizes, ages and even pregnancy! 

My range of Bridesmaids, Juniors and Flower Girl dresses are supplied by Tiffany Serenade and Richard Designs and can be ordered in ANY size from Age 2 up to adult UK30 and in any
of over 50 colours!!   (We also stock OnlyWay Multiway dresses too!)  And there are also options of fabric - soft stretch jersey, satin or chiffon!

So you could choose to have your Juniors wearing the same style as your adult Bridesmaids, or opt for the Flower Girl style with a sash to match the colour scheme.

Pregnant Bridesmaids
Pregnant Bridesmaid
We even help pregnant bridesmaids!

Over 50 colours to choose from!

Bridesmaids styles in different colours, reds
Bridesmaids styles in different colours
Bridesmaids dresses in blues
 Purple Bridesmaids dresses
Pink bridesmaid dress and flower gilrs
Lots of choice in Junior Bridesmaids styles
Junior styles to match your Flower Girls too

Some the of Tiffany Serenade styles:

Red bridesmaid dress
Bridesmaids dresses come in over 55 colours to order
Cornflower Blue bridesmaid dress
Bridesmaid dresses in sizes Age 4 to adult 30
Order your bridesmaids dresses in any colour
Tiffany Serenade Bridesmaids to order
Evening dress or bridesmaid

Some the of Richard Designs styles:

rdm1282 in Apple Red
rdm1205 in Oasis
RDM1313 in HunterGreen
rdm1132 in Cranberry
RDM1248 in Rose
Red Bridesmaid dress
Satin T length bridesmaids dress
RDM1248 in Burgundy
Sexy mermaid bridesmaids dress


Only way logo

Multiway occasion dresses!

Multiway wedding dress in lace
Only Way batwing dress
multiway dresses for any age
Velvet cross-over dress
Sweetheart bridesmaid dress

Offering the perfect "one size fits all" solution!  Now with a choice of styles but all with the same basic intention of a wrap around dress that can be changed to suit each individual.  Remember the original one way wrap dress?  You can still order that multiway choice too!  And there's now a Junior and Flower Girl option as well.

Only Way multiway bridesmaids dresses

All of our dresses are "Made To Order" in the colours and sizes that you require so expect to pay between £145 and £245 for adults depending on which style you choose and the number of dresses you need,  I will always offer a discount to any Bride that has bought her wedding dress from me!   (A good ballpark figure would be £150 per dress)

I suggest bringing 1 or 2 or your group initially to look at the styles available (ideally those that are a size 12/14) before trying to get all of your group together.  All my Tiffany Serenade dresses can be ordered with a lace-up back and the Only Way multiway fit 10-18 all of which can greatly help reduce the need for alterations.

TIMINGS:  You need to plan ahead - Only Way can be delivered in only SIX WEEKS but other manufacturers delivery times are normally 8-12 weeks, so book your first visit as early as possible.  I know things can change and Juniors and youngsters will grow, but I will always factor that into your order.

Same Bridesmaids dresses in different colours
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