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How do you choose which Bridal Shops to visit in West Sussex when looking to buy your wedding dress?

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Bride on a beach in the sunset
Rosedene Bridal Shop in Middleton, West Sussex

There are so many wedding dress shops out there, so how do you know which ones to visit? You could simply visit all of them, but that takes a lot of time and effort and will they meet your expectations?

A few things to consider when researching :


Do you have a budget in mind? Ok, I know everyone says that if it's the right wedding dress, they will pay the price.... but does that mean £3500... £2000... £1000?

Wedding dresses come in all sorts of prices from high end Designer which command a high price because they will have a designer label and should be made from high quality fabrics. But do you need a "designer label"????

model wearing designer wedding dress
Fabulous wedding dress for only £895

Most bespoke bridal shop websites do not state their prices online as it encourages "price matching" which is not fair, but do check their prices when you call to book your appointment just so that you don't turn up to find that their dresses are out of your price range.

Affordable Prices: All my wedding dresses are priced under £1295 to order, making them accessible to a wide range of budgets. Brides can also take advantage of the 25% discount on sample wedding dresses in store - so you could get a designer wedding dress for much less than you thought!

wedding dress in a bridal shop
Bridal dresses for around £995 to order

Personalized Attention: Will you be the only person in the bridal shop? Some bigger chain stores seem to dictate how you will behave during your time with them - queue to only try on 3 dresses, then you're in a communal changing room, you time is limited otherwise come back another time!!

I only see my Brides in a personal 1-2-1 appointment and you will get my 20 years of experience in the industry, so I can provide truly expert guidance tailored to your body shape, wedding style and budget. All initial appointments are for 1.5 hours so that you have plenty of time to look at every possible style, so that you get a true understanding of what you REALLY want!

bridal consultant in her wedding dress shop
Debbie gives personal attention to her Brides

Relaxed Environment: My bridal shop offers a calm and relaxed environment without any sales pressure. So you can rest assured that you will have a stress-free and enjoyable shopping experience, allowing plenty of time for you to take your time in making this important decision.

bridal shop showing lots of wedding dresses
Rosedene Bridal shop in West Sussex
black wedding dress
Tiffany Timeless Black wedding dress

Variety of Options: I cater to various needs, such as plus-size brides, destination weddings, and less formal weddings. Additionally, for those looking for coloured wedding dresses, or other less common styles will find options to suit their preferences.

Exclusive Appointments: I operate on an appointment-only basis, ensuring that each bride receives undivided attention during their visit. This "one bride at a time" approach ensures a personalized and focused experience.

young bridesmaids showing dresses for wedding
Junior bridesmaid dress with matching flower girls

Bridesmaids and Flower Girl Dresses: When talking to other bridal shops, ask if they also do Bridesmaids & Flower Girl dresses?

In addition to fantastic wedding dresses, I also offer a great selection of bridesmaids and flower girl dresses in over 50 colors, allowing you to match your wedding theme seamlessly.

Flower Girl dresses can be ordered in all ages from Age 1 up to Age 16, as well as Junior versions of adult styles. All adult styles can be ordered in sizes 4 to 30 or you could opt for one size fits all and go for our MultiWay styles!

Prompt Communication: If you have questions, will that Bridal shop respond quickly or leave you to wonder.... Here you will always be kept fully informed as I will keep you up to date with progress of your order and always reply to your emails or texts within 24 hours or less.

After sales service: Will you be able to store your wedding dress at home? I am able to keep your wedding dress here after your purchase so that you don't need to worry - AND I generally can do this for no extra charge.

So, if you would like a personal service, help along every step of finding your dream wedding dress and immediate contact if you have any questions, then please call me Debbie, to experience the very special "Rosedene Bridal" treatment!

Call 01243 585881 to make to exclusive appointment or fill in the form at:

rosedene bridal shop in west sussex
The best Bridal Shop in West Sussex


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