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Are Bridal dresses smaller than normal sizes?

I have so many Brides visit here and the size they believe they are, turns out to be nothing like the dress size they actually need! The reason is far more to do with "tailoring" than the size of the wedding dress.

How many clothes do you own that are tailored to fit, let alone Made To Measure? All of us lounge about in baggy tops, sweatpants, loose fitting dresses simply because they're comfortable. So coming to terms with being in a tightly fitted couture wedding gown is a real shock!

But please don't worry, I have 20 years of experience in finding the right style that will suit your individual body shape to make you feel amazing and I often refuse to tell my Brides the size of the dress that they have on! (To be honest I feel like cutting out the size label as it's only a number).

So if you are looking to find that "Dream Dress" go with an open mind and don't worry about the size, nobody but us will know!


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