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How on earth do you find the right Bridesmaids dresses???

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

I know it's very tempting to "go online" to get your bridesmaids dresses, but getting the sizing right is a skill only gained after years of measuring those bodies! I cannot tell you how many horror stories I've heard over the years of what has eventually turned up.

One of the most important factors to ask yourself is "could they be altered?" Sadly many dresses are "cheap" because they use poor quality fabrics and don't have any seam allowance. This might not seem important until you find that a dress is a bit too tight and then your seamstress tells you that there's nothing they can do.

4 strong colours for bridesmaids at a summer wedding
Bright colours for a summer wedding

So don't waste your money and go to a local Bridal shop that supplies Bridesmaids and Flower Girl dresses that can be ordered. The Bridal shop will take accurate measurements and they will be made after you have seen the style, fabric and colour that you want, so you can be reassured that they will be exactly right! And ordering from respected suppliers will also mean that the dresses are made to industry standards with adequate seam allowances for letting out as weell as taking in.

Choosing the right bridesmaid dresses also involves several considerations, from the theme of your wedding and season, to the personal preferences and body shapes of your bridesmaids.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make the right choice:

Step 1: Consider the Wedding Theme and Season

  • The bridesmaid dresses should compliment the overall theme and vibe of the wedding. For example, a beach wedding may call for lighter, more casual dresses, while a formal Church wedding might require more elaborate and formal gowns.

Step 2: Look at Color Options

  • Take into account the colors of your wedding theme. Bridal shops offer bridesmaid dresses in a variety of colors, so that you can order them in specific shades to match your theme.

different colours for bridesmaids dresses at a wedding
Fabulous choice of colours for the 8 Bridesmaids!

Step 3: Think About Your Wedding Dress

  • The bridesmaid dresses should work well with your weding dress in terms of style, embellishments, and fabric. They shouldn't outshine the bride but should be a harmonious addition to the wedding party.

Step 4: Budget

  • Be conscious of budget constraints. If your Bridesmaids are willing to contribute to the cost of their own dress, talk openly with your bridesmaids about what they can afford. If you have budget-friendly options, like dresses under a certain price point, make sure to include those in your choices.

Step 5: Consider Different Body Shapes

  • Not all styles suit everyone. Consider dresses that are flattering for different body types, or even think about allowing for a range of styles within a single color scheme so that each bridesmaid feels comfortable and confident. The range of "Only Way" stretch jersey dresses not only offer style variations, but style options too!

bridesmaids wearing multiway bridesmaids dresses in a wedding
Multiway Bridesmaids dresses in 2 colours

Step 6: Consult Your Bridesmaids

  • While the final decision is yours, it's a good idea to consult with your bridesmaids for their input, especially if they're paying for their own dresses. They'll appreciate having a say in what they'll be wearing.

Step 7: Order in Advance

  • Custom made dresses typically take between 12 and 16 weeks to be delivered, and you'll also need to allow time for alterations. Aim to order the dresses at least six months in advance.

Step 8: Plan for Alterations

  • Make sure that there is enough time for alterations. Minor tweaks may be necessary to ensure the best fit for each bridesmaid but more often they will need to be taken up.

Step 9: Accessories and Shoes

  • Decide on a standardized set of accessories and shoes, or give your bridesmaids guidelines to pick their own, ensuring that the overall look is cohesive.

Choosing bridesmaid dresses may take some time and effort, but with careful planning and consideration, you can find options that make everyone in your wedding party look and feel their best.

And remember, it's YOUR day so make sure that when you look back on those all-important wedding photos, you are delighted with what you see

Bridesmaids at a wedding
Four Bridesmaids wearing the same style but in 4 toning colours


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