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Confused by what size wedding dress to buy?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

What would you say if I asked "what size do you think you are?"

It's such a difficult question to answer, but made even worse by so many different sizes used by the High Street stores! You can go to M&S and be a typical size 14, yet go to New Look and be a 16. And to made things worse, how many of us wear "tailored" clothes anymore - everyone is in sloppy tops with leggings or billowing loose fitting dresses. So most of the time, you could pull a 16 off the rack and decide to buy an 18 because you want to feel comfy!

I've often thought I should cut the size labels off my wedding dresses just to save my lovely Brides from the awkward moment when I need to put them in a size 20 (when they thought they were a 16.....) As anyone that has been here will tell you, I often refuse to tell my Brides what size the dress is when they ask!!!

At the end of the day, no-one at your wedding is ever going to ask "what size is your dress?"

So to explain how wedding dresses are different from normal clothing, they are made to a specific size chart that each manufacturer gives to every stockist for their particular range. We have to measure your actual body, then refer to their size chart to work out the best size to order for each person.

Basically, wedding dresses are made for a body that has similar bust and hip measurements with a waist roughly 8" less than those - so you can see how difficult it can be to find the "right" wedding dress that flatters your shape.

If your hips are bigger than your top half, then A-line or Ballgown is best!

If you have a small bust then a fishtail can take the eye down to the detail at the hem.

If you are a curvy bride then do consider a fit 'n flare which so often shows off those curves!

But always, always try on loads of different shapes and styles to see what suits your proportions, taste and comfort. You need to feel relaxed and comfortable on the biggest day of your life, not afraid to breathe or bend down!

My way of working is to offer a one and half hour appointment in my private showroom so that we can play "Dress Up" when you can try on any of over 150 dresses with absolutely no pressure. My Brides then end up with a shortlist of those dresses that work for them. I email them stock photos of those dresses so that they can look at them at leisure and share them with their besties, before coming back for their 2nd appointment to review their choices.

If you would like to make your 1-2-1 appointment, please call me on 01243 585881 to arrange a suitable time. Debbie x


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