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Have you just got engaged?... Congratulations!

Updated: May 1

I'm sure you're over the moon to be getting married. But what next?

Woman celebrating looking happy

First, there's the venue.

Then the date.

Then the bridesmaids???

And what about your dress!?!

But there's no need to panic. These things take time and lots of planning, so it's a good idea to get a journal to write everything down and make your plan.

Diary with 2 wedding rings and a pen
Wedding planning is key

First, start from your wedding date, because everything revolves around that.

So don't rush around looking at wedding dresses until you have THE date booked.

The best time to start your search for your perfect wedding dress is about 9-12 months before the day of your wedding. This is because most wedding dress shops will be able to order your exact dress in the size you need and in the shade or version you've chosen, in 14-16 weeks (sometimes less). And you need to allow enough time for any alterations - such as taking up the hems or minor tweeks to the bodice which may take 8-10 weeks to do.

Woman adjusting a Bride's dress
Rosedene Bridal helping a Bride to choose her dress

The first appointment will be daunting as well as exciting! But expect to try on loads of different styles to find what suits your personality, tastes and body shape.

You will be amazed to see "what you thought you wanted" compared to what you actually like!

And a point to bear in mind - it's really not a good idea to bring too many people to your initial wedding dress shopping visits as you want to concentrate on finding what you like, not want others think you should wear!

Sultry model in a fishtail wedding dress with sunset behind
Just one of the fabulous wedding dresses at Rosedene Bridal!

I wish you every success with your search and please get in touch when you know your wedding date (around 12 months before please) so that I can give you my 20 years experience to help you find your perfect dress.

For more information call me on 01243 585881 to have a chat or go online to see the full ranges that I can offer.

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