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So why do you need to get your wedding dress altered?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

You've ordered a beautiful wedding dress in the size that you need, so why should you book a dressmaker to alter it?

Firstly, ALL wedding dresses are made to the industry standard of 61" from your front neck to the hem. Unless you are lucky enough to be 5'9" that means the dress will be too long.

Next, this photo perfectly explains what a huge difference there is a everyone's proportions!

So unless you've paid for a "Made To Measure" wedding gown, be prepared for tailoring to fit your individual shape.

I will always guide you at the time of ordering to advise what might be needed, but please book a well established dressmaker as early as possible (as they can be very busy!) for around 10 weeks before your wedding date. This allows for the initial fitting and then a 2nd appointment to check that everything is good. So many Brides lose a bit of weight purely from the excitement that it's important to accept that final "tweaks" may well be necessary!


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