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Tempted by SALE Or “Pre-Loved” wedding dresses?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

I'm not surprised that Brides are eager to find that "dream dress" for less!

The current economic climate makes it so difficult to afford a wedding - the venue, flowers, photographer, bridesmaids, etc, etc......... so I totally understand.

But please be aware of some of the potential pitfalls.

I have seen brides who have bought a "sample" wedding dress only to discover that when she took it to a dressmaker, discovered that it had already been altered so was actually a second-hand dress!

I had a lovely Bride who came in for her bridesmaids dresses and had purchased "a bargain" in another shop's sale. When she showed me the photos and told me it was a size 12, I was horrified! The sales assistant told her it could be altered to her size 4 frame with no problems! She had also paid a whopping £900 for a so-called sale dress!


Do NOT under any circumstances, let anyone tell you that the dress can be altered unless:


seam allowance on wedding dress
Normal seam allowance on a wedding dress

It is slightly too tight, as most well known wedding designers give a good seam allowance to enable a dress to be let out buy around 1"-2".

The last thing you need is for the dress to be too tight on your Big Day!

Don't forget that you are going to enjoy a few drinks and a great meal with family and friends - so be comfortable!


it is slightly too big. The basic structure of all wedding dresses mean that the boning should be parallel at the front (where your nipples sit).

Normally it is reasonable to take a dress in by UP TO 2 dress sizes.


if you are a size 4 (bust 34") and you buy a size 14 dress (bust 40") you simply cannot take it in down the side seams. The fundamentals of the dress bodice will need to be reduced - which means a remake!! So the alterations could well be £300 or more! So your "bargain" sale dress is no longer the bargain you

thought. And if you are all for buying a second-hand or "pre-loved" wedding dress, you should not be paying more than £500! The whole point of recycling in any sector, is to offer the second owner the chance to get something for much LESS than its original price. So if you find a Designer Wedding gown in a Reloved, Preloved, website or store then Google the designer and style number as you will always be able to see it online and therefore find out it's true value.

I've seen lots of reloved wedding dresses advertised at around £1000... when you could buy a brand new designer dress in your size, style and colour rather than only have the choice of that one dress.

There are some great bargains out there - a lot of genuine bridal retailers have styles that have been discontinued so need to move them on to buy the new styles to keep their stock up to date. So be a "Savvy Bride" and don't fall for the scams! 💖

Instead, you could choose exactly the style that you love, in the size that you need and all for under £995! See the wedding dress section for full details.

There's also a fabulous choice of dresses to order that are less formal for under £599.

wedding dress
Wedding dress with crystal beading

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