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Wedding Fairs - worth going to?

Just back from a fantastic event at the #BarnhamCommunityHall which is a local wedding venue near to where I'm based. We saw lots of wedding couples that are planning their wedding in the next couple of years or so and looking for ideas and inspiration.

The benefit of going to local wedding fairs is you will meet suppliers that are familiar with your venue, having worked with staff there previously. Relationships are key to a successful event of any kind, so working with other people that know your venue is key.

If you've already booked your venue, I'm sure they will suggest a few suppliers but you lose nothing by exploring all the options out there! One of the benefits of going to wedding fairs is you get to chat to the suppliers in person to talk through your ideas and aspirations in a calm, unhurried environment.

Of course, we can all do Google searches but how many results come back? They can be daunting and confusing - where do you start? But if you go to a local wedding fair to where you are, you can not only check out the suppliers there, but perhaps find things that you never thought of?

So keep an open mind and try out some of the local wedding fairs near you - you might just be amazed at the range of services that are on offer!

If you would like to go to a local wedding fair, I will be holding a catwalk show at the Selsden Barns wedding venue BN13 3UL so put in in your diary - it will be on Sunday 12th November and is in a beautiful country setting!

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