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How do you know what wedding dress will be "The One"?

In my 20 years of helping my lovely Brides, the most important factor in finding your perfect wedding dress is:


What looks great on a 5'8" Size 8 model has very little to do with how it will look on you! So although I totally understand the desire to search the internet, I can't tell you how often Brides choose a dress that is completely different.

So please make an appointment to come in and try on loads of different styles so that you can find the right style - I always tell my Brides "it's a process of elimination".

Most of us are a little bit "round" or "pear" where it's best to choose an A-line style:

A-line bridal dress
Tiffany Bridal dress
wedding dress in Ivory or Blush

But if you are lucky enough to have an "hour glass" figure it doesn't matter if you're a size 10 0r 20, a Mermaid or Fit and Flare dress will suit your body shape.

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